Tanfield Engineering Systems Ltd

Tanfield Engineering Sytems Ltd has an unrivalled history for excellence in the supply of engineering services.

Our services include:

 Single Source Solutions

 Cellular Manufacturing

 System Integration

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Engineering Excellence

"Engineering excellence and intelligent solutions for all business sectors"

We have a large client base in a market place where technical and commercial demands are changing all the time. We have a reputation for flexibility, complexity and accuracy.

    • We have a sophisticated client base in a market place where technical and commercial demands are changing all the time.
    • We recognise and understand that our customers and partners need us to be flexible.
    • We have the capacity to work on any number of projects with differing technical complexity and volumes, all at the same time.
    • We have a hard-won reputation for fabricating and assembling large volume, modular engineered products.

    • We operate in a range of sectors and excel at them all.
Road and Rail Transport
Industrial Vehicles
Commercial Vehicles
Power Generation
Continuous Improvement

History of Excellence and Quality Assurance

Tanfield Engineering Systems Ltd is the amalgamation of HMH, e2a and Radalec Engineering, with an engineering pedigree dating back to 1949. This group of companies has an unrivalled history of excellence in the supply of engineering services and products.

We pride ourselves in the continued development of strategic client partnerships, while driving forward our philosophy of continuous improvement.

Our rapid organic growth has resulted in significant expansion. The Tanfield Group now operates more than 260,000 sq ft of same site manufacturing space in the North East of England. This development has gone hand in hand with investment in the latest technology and equipment, plus enhancing the already excellent skill set of our 450 highly motivated staff.

Tanfield Engineering Systems prides itself on setting the highest standards of quality, through our philosophy of continuous improvement.

We operate a Company Quality Management System which is accredited through the ISO 9000 series.

We have staff trained to Black Belt level in the Six Sigma system, one of the most stringent quality management standards in the world. This gives us the technical expertise and capability to implement this highly regarded quality programme for any of our clients.

We have also recently completed a two-year business improvement project through the Lean Manufacturing philosophy, in partnership with the North East Productivity Alliance. This has helped to drive down our costs - a saving that we can pass onto our clients.

Efficient Processes

Efficient Processes

Our cellular manufacturing process ensures we track efficiencies by project and product type, as well as efficiencies from cell to cell, thus saving time and money.

Manufacturing efficiency plays a crucial part in our single source solution. In order to produce engineered products of the highest quality, Tanfield Engineering Systems has introduced a cellular manufacturing process. This process ensures we track efficiencies by project and product type, as well as efficiencies from cell to cell. By adopting a cellular process, the manufacturing process becomes flexible without loosing sight of the jobs progress. Efficient manufacturing processes save time and money, all elements that Tanfield Engineering Systems pass onto our customers.

Intelligent Solutions

Intelligent Solutions

We offer clear advantages in efficiency, convenience and cost effectiveness, as well as the utilisation of top level supply chain expertise and engineering solutions.

We appreciate that, without all the efforts of your company and employees, we would not have achieved this milestone"

Quote from Bombardier, on completion of our two-year contract fabricating high quality components.